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27 September 2014 @ 11:59 am
more items added & price reduced: FTISLAND albums for sale  
hello everyone, i've decided to sell some of my ft island stuff as you can see in the picture. all prices are negotiable. more items are coming soon. please email me at watashiwagdesu@gmail.com for more details and price. paypal and western union accepted. i ship worldwide. thank you!

here's all the stuff available (some are not in the picture, just ask me for real photos):
- Cheerful Sensibility (with a tiny hole on the jacket cover) USD 70 VERY RARE
- Cheerful Sensibility USD 75 VERY RARE
- The Refreshment USD 75 VERY RARE (BOOKED)
- Beautiful (Regular Version without photocard) USD 10
- So Long Au Revoir USD 35
- Best Recommendation for Japan USD 35
- Distance Limited Edition Version A (CD+DVD) USD 17
- Top Secret Lawson Limited Edition USD 40 VERY RARE (BOOKED)
- Run! Run! Run! DVD Lawson Limited Edition (without mini clearfiles) (BOOKED)
- So Today Limited Edition Version B with Seunghyun figurine USD 40 RARE (BOOKED)
- Jump Up with Hongki cardboard USD 35 RARE
- The One USD 35
- I Believe Myself (CD Only) USD 45 RARE
- Men's Stories Concert DVD (Korean Version) QYOP
- Five Treasure Island Limited Edition Version A (CD+DVD Taiwan Version) USD 15
- Flower Rock Taiwan Deluxe Edition USD 12
- Raining VERY RARE USD 70
- Official photocard Minhwan So long au revoir USD 10 (BOOKED)
- Official photocard Jaejin So long au revoir USD 10 (BOOKED)
- Official photocard Minhwan Best recommendation for Japan USD 10

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