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F.T ISLAND ★;community

five treasure island.

F.T ISLAND ★; community
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어서오세요! Welcome to the official Livejournal community for the 5-member Korean boyband, F.T Island!! :D

↘ Rules:
You are free to post almost anything about F.T Island here, however note that there are 3 exceptions: icons should be posted on fticons, fanfiction on ft_fiction & fti_yaoi and blogcrews on blogcrew_imnida.
Don't post anything unrelated to F.T Island.
Use a cut when posting large pictures, videos, etc.
Please friend-lock downloadable media posts.
No bashing; please be considerate of others.
Advertising is allowed, but it has to be somewhat related to F.T Island.
Graphics other than icons are allowed, but no hotlinking (unless the user says otherwise).

↘ F.T Island:
F.T Island (Korean : 에프티 아일랜드) is a five-member Korean boyband. But in contrary to many popular boybands, FTI boys play their own instruments and only two of them are the 'vocalists' of the band. Their music can be described as pop/rock (with a big number of rock ballads). The name F.T Island stands for 'Five Treasure Island'; each of the five members being a treasure. They officially debuted on 7th June 2007, performing on M!Countdown and releasing their first album 'Cheerful Sensibility' (which was the 6th best selling album of 2007 in South Korea), though before that they appeared on M!Net's 'Wanna Be My Girlfriend?'. Currently they are working on a Japanese mini album, out due in June 2008.

↘ The group members:

Name: 이홍기 Lee Hong Ki
Position: Lead vocal
Birthdate: 1990.2.6 (solar), 1990.2.25 (lunar)

Name: 최종훈 Choi Jong Hoon
Position: Electric Guitar, piano (Band's leader)
Birthdate: 1990.3.7

Name: 이재진 Lee Jae Jin
Position: Bass Guitar
Birthdate: 1991.12.17

Name: 최민환 Choi Min Hwan
Position: Drums
Birthdate: 1992.11.11

Name: 송승현 Song Seung Hyun
Position: Guitar, rapping, vocals
Birthdate: 1992.8.21

Info: He is no longer a member of FTI
Name: 오원빈 Oh Won Bin
Position: Guitar, rapping, vocals
Birthdate: 1990.3.26

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